Abies webbiana

Abies webbiana Lindl.
Synonym A. spectabilis (D. Don)
Pinus webbiana Wall.
Family Pinaceae.
Habitat The Himalayas from
Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of
,–, m.
English Indian Silver Fir, The
West-Himalayan High-Level Fir,
The East-Himalayan Fir.
Ayurvedic Taalisa, Taalisapatra,
Taalisha, Patraadhya, Dhaatriparni,
Unani Taalisapattar.
Siddha/Tamil Taalispatri.
Folk Badar, Chilrow, Morinda,
Raisalla, Taalispatra. (Tallispatra,
Taalispatri and Talespattre are
also equated with the leaves of
Cinnamomum tamala Nees.)
Action Expectorant, bronchial sedative,
decongestant, anticatarrhal,
antiseptic, carminative.
Key application Fir (Abies alba
Miller) needle oil—in catarrhal illness
of upper and lower respiratory
tract (internally and externally);
externally in rheumatic and neuralgic
pains. Contraindicated in
bronchial asthma and whooping
cough. (German Commission E.)A biflavonoid, abiesin, n-triacontanol,
beta-sitosterol and betuloside are
present in the leaves.
The essential oil from leaves contains
alpha-pinene, l-limonene, deltacarene,
dipentene, l-bornyl acetate and
l-cardinene as major constituents.
Dosage Needles—– g powder.
(API Vol. IV.)


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